naawan2.jpgnaawan1.jpgnaawan.jpgnaawan_tree.jpg  picturesque of this white sand beach.  But unlike most white sand beaches in the country, this piece of paradise doesn’t come with a heavy price tag.  


naawan_guests.jpg  naawan_kids.jpg  naawan_fam.jpg

June 3, 2006 just few days after I got back from Vietnam, I headed to Iligan City to be with Dexter on his 33rd birthday.  Oh how I missed the beach as much as I missed Dexter. That setting was just perfect! I almost forgot that it wasn’t my birthday we’re celebrating. And yea, going back to his birthday celebration, his entire family were there, not to mention neighbors and friends, all squeezed in the Elf truck. Everyone was warm and welcoming. We shared a hearty meal, screamed to the top of our throats during videoke, and swam for couple of hours. It was one of the best birthday outings I had ever been to.